YUGOSLAVIA: Two Faces Of War

by Zakalin Nezic

ZBOGOM SRBIJO relates the experiences of a freelance journalist, who returns to Yugoslavia in the mid-90s as the war raged in Bosnia. While trying to help a friend, she becomes entangled in the war. Her obsession for a mysterious Balkan man, who both frightens and mesmerizes her, leads her into a terrifying abyss where she painfully learns that given the right circumstances, anyone is capable of the unimaginable.

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ISBN: 0-9707059-1-3
395 pp.

Ltd. Ed. hardback 

ISBN: 0-9707059-0-5
395 pp.



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ZBOGOM SRBIJO: Goodbye Serbia

 "Zakalin Nezic's 'Zbogom Srbijo' is an interesting blend of romanticized fiction, personal experience and political analysis. Following in the wake of Rebecca West, but adding a dramatic twist of her own, Zakalin Nezic describes peoples and places in the former Yugoslavia, at the same time offering an amazingly accurate analysis of recent events that have horrified the world."

-- MIHAJLO CRNOBRNJA, last ambassador of Yugoslavia to the European Union and author of "The Yugoslav Drama"


 "Zakalin Nezic takes her reader on a roller coaster ride through the Balkan War of the nineties. There is passion, there is brutality, there is love amidst death, and there is soul in a landscape of desperation. This is a novel from the bleeding pen."

-- KEMAL KURSPAHIC, war editor of Sarajevo's Oslobodjenje and author of "As Long As Sarajevo Exists"



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