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Seventy-one eclectic and uncensored selections translated into English from the works of twenty-four Balkan authors, poets and playwrights.


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A Balkan Anthology

Edited by A. Johnson and Zakalin Nezic

 While the world's attention has been focused on the violence and political events in the Balkans, the creative works of those who struggle to maintain the rich literary culture in this under represented part of Europe has been ignored. This anthology recognizes some of those passionate voices from the faultline.

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Participating Writers

Dragoljub Ackovic
Elena Alexieva
Venko Andonovski
Kamil M. Buyukcolak
Lidija Dimkovska
Jelena Djurovic
Fatima Gorencevska
Igor Isakovski

E. Ivic
Nikolina Kulidzan
Vladimir Levchev
Silviu Lupascu
Iviana Panayotova
Alek Popov
Milic Popovic
Milan Mladenovic

 Ana Ristovic
Erik Siljak
Florentin Smarandache
Eni Spahiu
Mihajlo Spasojevic
Atanas Stoychev
Danko Taborosi
Zoran Terzic



"… fascinating - if not exactly a balm to the spirits."

-- NOAM CHOMSKY, Institute Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT; Social Activist; Lecturer; Political Analyst; and author of Rogue States, Fateful Triangle, and 9-11

  "What is more appropriate for students being introduced to a long-neglected corner of Europe still dealing with the 'Eastern Question' than an introduction to writers and poets, some in their twenties, who offer them glimpses from the inside into age-old myths and responses to present-day reality?"

-- DR. JOHN KOLSTI, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at University of Texas

  "The wars of the past decade in the former Yugoslavia have done great harm to art in the region, and in the West the Balkans have been perceived as a place devoid of art and culture. This anthology seeks to correct both: By giving a new, young generation of poets and writers a chance to reach English speaker audiences, 'Voices from the Faultline' transmits a breadth of new voices from the region, reflecting the diversity of the countries and cultures in the Balkans. The writers, all originally from the Balkans, are writing from around the world, from North America and Western Europe to Southeastern Europe, reflecting the fact that a large number of the best and brightest have left the Balkans in the past decades. By bringing writers who left and those who stayed together in this anthology, it reads like a reunion of the different experiences and responses to the hardships the regions had to face in the past ten years. As a result, the stories told in the book are recommendable for anybody who wants to physically or mentally travel the Balkans."

 -- DR. FLORIAN BIEBER, Senior Research Fellow for the European Centre for Minority Issues, International Policy Fellow with the Open Society Institute; Professor of the Masters Program for Democracy and Human Rights at the University of Sarajevo and at the Central European University in Budapest; Author of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Lebanon in Comparison; Coeditor of Reconstructing Multiethnic Societies and Southeast European Politics; and Founder/Editor of Balkan Academic News.


 "[The} Romanian poet, Nichita Stanescu wrote, 'I am/ a stain of blood/ speaking'. This is the feeling one gets reading the anthology. {It is] the particular history of the Balkans [and] of the poverty and war, which too often drove writers into exile, sometimes in their own homeland, transforming them into eternal travelers. 'Faultline' is not only a serious but also a courageous, and to a certain point, even a quixotic endeavor … not only a political/historical gesture, but also an object of art…a wound pressing its reader against its chest, tenderly."

-- STEFAN BALAN, Poet; Critic; Editor-in-Chief of "Norii",


"'Voices from the Faultline. A Balkan Anthology' is an appealingly eclectic collection of work by mostly younger writers, many of whom are appearing in English for the first time. The anthology is distinguished by an energy and zest that will, I hope, lead readers to ask for more work by these talented authors."

-- DR. ANDREW WACHTEL, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Northwestern University


 "This clearly is a terrific endeavor… I certainly enjoyed reading it."

-- ANDREI CODRESCU, MacCurdy Professor of English at Louisiana State University; Editor of "Exquisite Corpse",



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