In these avant-garde literary dramas, Florentin Smarandache, like many Eastern European writers, uses satire, humor, symbolism, and the unique genre he created - paradoxism - to disguise the dangers of a political situation. His characters represent officials in a regime, which threaten writers, intellectuals, and those who oppose their established doctrine, charging that the offenders are being unpatriotic and putting their society at risk. In this Orwellian-styled trio of dramas, Smarandache uses a profusion of paradoxes and contradictions in irreverent, sexual, absurd, profane, and gross scenes to emphasize the paradoxical, arrogant, and nonsensical nature of the political circumstances they represent. These plays are indicative of regimes that plague individuals everywhere, regardless of time or country. Their commonality is the use of unquestioned power, and the quest to reign in personal rights, both of which are often agreed to by the people, who fear the evil and portentous enemy - real or unreal - that threatens those values and rights they must relinquish to protect themselves - thus the paradox.

Florentin Smarandache is an experimental writer, artist, and mathematician and the creator of the paradoxism movement in avant-garde. He was born in Romania, graduated from the University of Craiova, became a dissident during the Ceausescu regime, and eventually immigrated to the United States. He is a prolific writer, having authored, co-authored, and edited over sixty books in addition to contributing to over 100 literary and 50 international scientific journals.

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 "An excellent read. Paradox with an edge."

-- LONNIE HICKS, Pacifica Radio


 "Smarandache drops us head first into our present age of uncertainty, reflecting from the stage a carnivalesque world of absurd horrors, guilty pleasures, and ceaseless puns."

-- ERIC ZASS, City Lights Books


  "An edgy slice through the heart of Washington's business as usual. Great read."

-- JEREK STEELE, Left Bank Books, St. Louis



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